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£4 / HOUR

£48 for the entire training

6 live sessions of 2 hours each


Join us on this live interactive training course to learn what is arguably the most powerful vector graphics software out there right now. This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator in a matter of hours.

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Class 1 - Introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Vector Shapes
During this first two-hour class, you will learn the importance of vector art as well as the foundations of Adobe Illustrator. You will be introduced to the illustration terminology, custom workspaces, different file types and software preferences. You will then start working with basic geometrical shapes such as rectangles, polygons, ellipses and more.
Class 2 - Working with Colours and Gradients
Once you start drawing illustrations, you will soon need to colourise them. This class will teach you how to use solid colours, as well as gradients both inside shapes and on their strokes. You will learn how to use swatches and colour libraries.
Class 3 - Layers and Selections in Illustrator
During this class, you will learn how to work with multiple layers in Illustrator. You will import external images and learn how to trace them, as well as using the various selection tools.
Class 4 - Pen Tool
One of Illustrator's most powerful tools, the Pen, will help you create illustrations that are difficult or impossible to create by using geometrical shapes. You will learn how to create straight and curved lines as well as combining these two types. You will be introduced to "Bezier Curves", "Paths", "Segments" and "Anchor Points".
Class 5 - Rotate, Reflect and Shape Builder Tools
In this class, you will be introduced to the concept of symmetry in Illustrator. You will start by drawing half a shape and reflect this half to create the final illustration. You will also learn how to rotate a shape precisely around a circular path, which is an invaluable technique in Illustrator. You will learn how to combine shapes with one another as well as creating complex illustrations by using the "Shape Builder" tool.
Class 6 - Clipping Masks, Compound Paths, Typography and Exporting
You will learn how to mask your artwork with a shape, as well as creating hollow illustrations. You will also be introduced to the "Type" tool in order to create text, and change its appearance in style, size and colour. During the final part of this last class, you will learn how to save your artwork as different formats including JPEGs, PNGs, PDFs and more.
Live Online Training Sessions
You will learn Adobe Illustrator by attending live online training sessions. Just like you would in a real classroom environment, you will be able to interact with your instructor and your peers in real time.
Challenging Tasks
After each session, you will be given a set of tasks to help you solidify what you learn during the live training sessions.
Lifetime Library Access
As well as supporting documents for your course, everything you learn during the sessions will be recorded and made available to you. You will have access to an extensive collection of support documents. Forever.
One-to-One Feedback
At the end of the training, you will have the option to attend a one-to-one feedback and evaluation session with your instructor.
6 JUNE 2016
Class 1
06 June 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 2
08 June 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 3
11 June 2016 — 10am - 12pm

Class 4
14 June 2016 — 8pm - 10pm

Class 5
17 June 2016 — 8pm - 10pm

Class 6
19 June 2016 — 11am - 1pm
11 JULY 2016
Class 1
11 July 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 2
14 July 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 3
17 July 2016 — 11am - 1pm

Class 4
19 July 2016 — 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Class 5
22 July 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 6
24 July 2016 — 10am - 12pm
29 AUGUST 2016
Class 1
29 August 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 2
31 August 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 3
03 September 2016 — 11am - 1pm

Class 4
06 September 2016 — 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Class 5
09 September 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 6
11 September 2016 — 12pm - 2pm
Question 1
How do I make a booking?
Once you decide which date you would like to start (check the upcoming dates above), just fill in the application form below and you will receive an email with the payment instructions for your course.
Question 2
What happens after the booking?
You will receive an email, giving you access to our online training portal. This is where you will find all the information about your course, support documentation and start interacting with your instructors & peers.
Question 3
How do the live courses run?
Each live course runs for two-hours and during this time, you will be joining the rest of your peers and watch/listen to your instructor. You will be able to interact with your instructor and ask any questions during the course as you would in a traditional classroom set-up.