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£4 / HOUR

£48 for the entire training

6 live sessions of 2 hours each


This live online course for Adobe After Effects is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the industry standard motion graphics software. Taught by the some of the most talented motion designers in the industry, this training course will take you from zero to hero in just 12 hours!

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Class 1 - Introduction to Adobe After Effects and 2D Animation
During this first class, you will learn the general user interface of Adobe After Effects, as well as basic layer properties and transform controls. You will learn how to set up a new project, create fill layers (also known as "solids") and modify them. You will also be introduced to the concept of 2D animation and learn how to create keyframes.
Class 2 - Mastering Animation Techniques
Now that you are familiar with basic animation controls, it is time to learn different animation methods. During this class, you will learn concepts such as easing, anticipation, graph editor, and temporal / spatial interpolation, which will help you finesse your animations.
Class 3 - Typography and Text Animation
Text animation is one of the most powerful features of After Effects. In this session, you will learn how to create, edit and animate text layers, as well as using various "animators" and "range selectors" to gain full control over text animation.
Class 4 - Working with Effects and Audio
After learning various animation techniques, you will learn how to work with effects and audio. You will apply various types of effects to still images, graphics and video clips as well as animating these effects. You will also learn how to import and work with audio clips.
Class 5 - Masks and Adjustment Layers
During this class, you will learn the concept o masking in After Effects. As well as working with shape and pen tools to create/modify masks, you will learn how to apply these to adjustment layers to make localised edits.
Class 6 - Parenting, Pre-Composing, Rendering
The final class of this course will focus on creating links between layers, and grouping multiple layers together, also known as "pre-composing". As well as mastering the relationship between layers, you will also learn how to prepare your composition for the final render with the correct settings and use the Render Queue to export your videos.
Live Online Training Sessions
You will learn Adobe After Effects by attending live online training sessions. Just like you would in a real classroom environment, you will be able to interact with your instructor and your peers in real time.
Challenging Tasks
After each session, you will be given a set of tasks to help you solidify what you learn during the live training sessions.
Lifetime Library Access
As well as supporting documents for your course, everything you learn during the sessions will be recorded and made available to you. You will have access to an extensive collection of support documents. Forever.
One-to-One Feedback
At the end of the training, you will have the option to attend a one-to-one feedback and evaluation session with your instructor.
6 JUNE 2016
Class 1
06 June 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 2
08 June 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 3
11 June 2016 — 10am - 12pm

Class 4
14 June 2016 — 8pm - 10pm

Class 5
17 June 2016 — 8pm - 10pm

Class 6
19 June 2016 — 11am - 1pm
11 JULY 2016
Class 1
11 July 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 2
14 July 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 3
17 July 2016 — 11am - 1pm

Class 4
19 July 2016 — 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Class 5
22 July 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 6
24 July 2016 — 10am - 12pm
29 AUGUST 2016
Class 1
29 August 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 2
31 August 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 3
03 September 2016 — 11am - 1pm

Class 4
06 September 2016 — 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Class 5
09 September 2016 — 7pm - 9pm

Class 6
11 September 2016 — 12pm - 2pm
Question 1
How do I make a booking?
Once you decide which date you would like to start (check the upcoming dates above), just fill in the application form below and you will receive an email with the payment instructions for your course.
Question 2
What happens after the booking?
You will receive an email, giving you access to our online training portal. This is where you will find all the information about your course, support documentation and start interacting with your instructors & peers.
Question 3
How do the live courses run?
Each live course runs for two hours and during this time, you will be joining the rest of your peers and watch/listen to your instructor. You will be able to interact with your instructor and ask any questions during the course as you would in a traditional classroom set-up.